Where can I buy a 3.ZERO?

We sell directly to corporate clients. Private clients can purchase an installation from our assembly partners.


Where can I find a 3.ZERO assembly partner?

Here you will find a list. You can also download this here.


Can I rent out a 3.ZERO?

We offer corporate leasing in Austria. The client leases the installation, complete with masts and installation. The duration of the lease contract is 48 or 60 months. Available both with or without advance payment. During the term of lease the client has full guarantee on the whole installation.


Which spacing regulations apply to the 3.ZERO wind turbines?

It is best to clarify this with your local authorities as different regulations apply in different regions. Or ask our assembly partner for details.


Have the poles been statistically calculated?

Yes, our poles are specially developed for the 3.ZERO and statistically calculated for the highest wind loads.


What is the highest wind load that the 3.ZERO has been tested against?

We tested the installation up to 44 m/s in a wind tunnel; that is 158 km/h.


Who will assist me in the planning of my wind energy installation?

Our assembly partner.


How much electricity does a 3.ZERO wind turbine produce?

This really depends on the location of the wind energy installation. There are various ways in which the expected revenue can be calculated. For example, we work together with a meteorological service, which supplies the wind value of the last 10 years in measurements of 10 metres for a fee. With this data and our calculation tool, we can calculate the expected revenue very well.


Is the purchase of a 3.ZERO wind turbine supported by a public fund? Where can I apply for a grant like this?

This varies from country to country. Our assembly partners know all there is to know about this.


What should I take note of in the area that I would like to install a 3.ZERO in?

The 3.ZERO is most energy efficient when it is completely free to run unhindered. Therefore it is beneficial if there are no obstructions in the area.

Which permits do I need in order to install a 3.ZERO wind turbine on my commercial building or on my plot of land?

Our mast systems (a mast with a plant pot and a freestanding mast) come under mobile installations under 10 metres in height. As we do not require a concrete foundation for the installation, these installations are seen as mobile and therefore as a rule, only an obligation to notify is required (in many regions this type of installation is permit-free). We recommend that interested parties enquire for further information at their local authorities, or get in touch with our installation partner. However, when it comes to a rooftop solution, the structural engineering of the building must be considered.


I would really like to install the 3.ZERO wind turbine in my garden. Which construction steps are necessary for this?

It is worth discussing plans with your local authorities or informing oneself through our assembly partner.


What happens to the electricity produced by the 3.ZERO wind turbine? How is it supplied?

The wind turbine inverter converts the electricity into 230 Volt 50 Hz. The electricity that is produced can therefore be fed into its own mains system and used (no permit from your electricity provider is required for this).


Is it possible to charge my electric car using my 3.ZERO wind turbine?

If the e-car is connected to its own mains and the wind energy installation is producing electricity at that moment in time, then yes.


What happens if a bolt of lighting strikes my wind turbine?

The 3.ZERO is incorporated in the client’s lightning protection system.


Is my garden or plot of land suitable for a 3.ZERO wind turbine?

In principle our installation can be built upon virtually any plot of land. We recommend consulting the local authority before proceeding.


How much money can I save with a 3.ZERO wind turbine?

That depends on the location. The more wind there is, the higher the revenue.


Which warranty applies to the 3. ZERO wind turbine?

A 5-year warranty applies.


What needs to be organised for the installation of a 3.ZERO wind turbine?

Our installation partner can inform you about this.


What is the 3.ZERO wind turbine made out of?

The diffusor and Fowler technology are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), the rotor blades are made of carbon.


What happens to the 3.ZERO wind turbine when there are strong winds?

The installation stops TRANwhen the wind force exceeds approx. 18m/s. As soon as the wind drops to 13 m/s the installation begins to operate again.


Does the 3.ZERO wind turbine pose a threat to birds?

During our field tests (Kamperland, Netherlands and Kiel, Germany) we observed that the installation did not pose a threat to birds. Quite on the contrary, seagulls incidentally sat on the installation as it turned.


Can several 3.ZERO wind turbines be operated in the same location and what should be taken heed of in such a situation?

That is possible, however the distance between the installations must be approx. 6 metres, so that they have negligible influence on one another.


How can the costs and economic viability of a 3.ZERO wind turbine be assessed?

That depends on its location. Our assembly partners know everything there is to know about this.


Can I combine a photovoltaic system (PV) and the 3.ZERO in an energy storage device?

Yes, that is possible. But you then cannot sell the electricity to the energy provider. It is best if you use the electricity yourself in this case.


Can the 3.ZERO monitoring system also read an existing photovoltaic power plant?

Yes, that is possible.


Can the 3.ZERO be combined with digital memory?

That is possible. What is more, we can make the data stored in the memory available online with our monitoring system.

Should you have further questions about 3.ZERO, send us an Email! We look forward to answering your queries!